Zhivko Koevski & Karl Karlov

Delivery Manager - Remote Professional Services Sofia / Senior Manager - Analytics, Automation, AI
Zhivko Koevski & Karl Karlov


Zhivko Koevski & Karl Karlov

Zhivko Graduated from the Technical University in Sofia as a Computer Engineer. His professional experience includes 10 years as a PM and 7 years as a People Leader at HPE.

Karl Karlov is a highly accomplished supply chain management professional with over 14 years of experience. Currently serving as the Senior Team Manager of Supply Chain Analytics, Automation, and AI at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Karl has a track record of driving operational excellence and leading high-performing teams. He specializes in innovative solutions, cloud IT infrastructure, and data-driven decision-making, with a mission to optimize supply chain performance and reduce costs through cutting-edge technologies. Karl is currently focused on bringing AI and automation solutions to the Supply Chain environment in an effort to reduce “waste” and costs.

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Career Show Expo 2023

AI/ML enhanced predictive models within the HPE Supply Chain organization

This presentation delves into how HPE is utilizing the transformative power of AI and ML. We will showcase revolutionizing predictive models within Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Supply Chain. Explore how cutting-edge technology is reshaping forecasting accuracy, demand planning, and inventory management, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and cost reduction. Join us to uncover the future of supply chain optimization through AI and ML innovations.