Valentina Kushmintseva

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
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Valentina Kushmintseva


Valentina Kushmintseva

Valentina Kushmintseva is a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at SOFTSWISS with a strong background in recruitment and a deep understanding of the iGaming industry. Valentina is passionate about helping candidates unlock their full potential and succeed in their career journeys. One of her interests is sharing practical guidance on crafting impressive CVs and mastering job interviews, empowering individuals to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Tема на лекцията

Career Show Expo 2023

Unlocking career success: How to craft an effective CV and nail the job interview

Join this talk to learn practical tips and strategies for creating an impressive CV that stands out to employers. Valentina will share her top tips on mastering the art of succeeding in job interviews and ultimately enhancing your chances of career success. You will also gain valuable insights into the world of online gambling software solutions through an introduction to SOFTSWISS.