Tushka Dermedzhieva

Java Engineering Manager
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Tushka Dermedzhieva


Tushka Dermedzhieva

About Tushka

Technology Manager, Scalefocus Tushka is a Java Engineering Manager at Scalefocus. Her experience is mainly based on working on Java-based projects. She has a strong technical background mostly as a Java backend developer, and she is passionate about new technologies and mentoring.Tushka also interested in the topics of self-improvement and coaching. She loves traveling abroad, meeting new people and learning about other cultures.

Tема на лекцията

Career Show Tech 2022

Challenges of a new engineering manager

Are you a new manager, do you feel like you've won the golden ticket? Well the truth is it is not an easy job and with the new responsibilities you will face many challenges in your career. These challenges become easier to handle with experience. Good managers are made, not born, right? Being a new engineering manager I will try to share more about:

  • My path from a software engineer to an engineering manager
  • What are the main responsibilities of an engineering manager
  • Some of the challenges I faced
  • Key skills of a good manager
  • What I’ve done wrong and what I’ve learned so far