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Tanja Bivic Plankar


Tanja Bivic Plankar

About Tanja

President of Blockchain Alliance Europe

Tanja Bivic Plankar has been an active blockchain community member since 2017. She has led and participated in numerous blockchain-related marketing campaigns and blockchain technology projects due to 12 years of experience in television broadcasting, digital media, public speaking and communications.Tanja is also a passionate blockchain advocate, speaker, blockchain technology content creator and organizer of events. Since March 2018, she has been Blockchain Alliance Europe's president, an initiative connecting companies and other legal entities interested in blockchain technology and a coordinator for blockchain technology at Slovenian Digital Coalition.

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Career Show Tech 2022

More women in blockchain, please!

The IT sector is rapidly expanding in the EU market. Based on a Eurostat report, over 50% of the companies in the European Union have difficulty recruiting IT colleagues due to the shortage of skilled professionals.There is also a significant gender gap; women represent just 18% of the workforce in IT. There is no detailed report for the blockchain sector, but the prediction is the numbers are even lower. Let's inspire and include women in the blockchain technology sector by outlining opportunities!