Stela Valcheva

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Stela Valcheva


Stela Valcheva

About Stela

Stela Valcheva is a Software Developer, with vast experience in Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform applications and supporting technologies. She has been part of Hitachi Solutions for nearly 3 years now and participated in large scale international projects.Stela has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with Associate's degree in Mathematics Teacher education. She is also an experienced teaching assistant and trainer.She's also part of the National Disaster Response team and the experts’ pool of the Emergency Operation Center of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

Tема на лекцията

Crisis Management: make high impact with low code development

The key aspect of crisis management is the ability to transform data into information and information into decisions. Today this is becoming more achievable than ever, due to the utilisation of different software and high-tech data collection methods. However, another key aspect of crisis management is flexibility and adaptability to the situation, and to the context as each crisis event is unique in its own way. The application of low code solutions to crisis management has the potential to achieve just that, a timely and well-tailored approach that will allow decision makers to efficiently overcome the given challenges. In this session we will discuss how we can make high impact quickly by utilising low code applications.