Sead Ahmetovic

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Sead Ahmetovic


Sead Ahmetovic

About Sead

Sead Ahmetovic is the CEO and Co-founder of WeAreDevelopers. Together with his teams, he’s on a mission to create and inspire a global developer community and to support developers on their career paths.His company hosts the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, one of the largest globalconferences for developers, and the WeAreDevelopers Job Board, Europe’s leadingdeveloper-centric job board providing tech talents with perfectly matching career opportunities among thousands of available job offers.The last 13 years have marked various entrepreneurial victories and lessons for Ahmetovic. Having founded 4 successful companies before WeAreDevelopers, which now operate in Vienna, Berlin, Sarajevo, and Barcelona, he is an industry expert on international startup and business development who often delves into the topic of building su cessful software development teams. His references include working with 100+ leading international companies, including Volkswagen, Microsoft, Accenture, Tezos, Stripe, IKEA, Amazon Web Services, Check24, Rapyd, Trade Republic, IBM, and many other innovation-driven organizations.When not hosting global rockstars of the tech industry, such as Steve Wozniak, Brenda, and John Romero, Håkon Wium Lie, and hundreds of others, Ahmetovic enjoys a good game of chess, a Star Wars rewatch, and some quality time with his family and their two sassy cats.

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