Roxana Blăgescu

Neurolanguage Coach
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Roxana Blăgescu


Roxana Blăgescu

About Roxana Blăgescu

Roxana Blăgescu is an Entrepreneur, an Educator, an ICF accredited Neurolanguage Coach, and the founder of Your Fearless Flow. She has over 20 years of experience in language teaching and corporate training for language and intercultural communication.

She believes language is not about the level and having perfect English or French, but about how practical, strategic and productive your communication is. Her mission is to help professionals and corporate clients to increase their French and English performance by developing a confident mindset, building a fearless flow, and bridging cultural gaps.

You can find out more about Roxana and her services here:

Tема на лекцията

Languages 2023

5 easy steps to perform at your best at a job interview in English or French

Hunting for a job can be stressful. Furthermore, when the interview happens in a foreign language like French or English.

During her talk, Roxana will take you through 5 easy steps to perform at your best and show up with confidence,  authenticity, and professionalism to your foreign-language job interview.