Rositsa Nikolova

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Rositsa Nikolova


Rositsa Nikolova

About Rositsa

Rositsa has joined Dynamics 365 ERP project in Tek Experts in 2019 and has been working as Team Manager for Retail & SCM team since 2021.She has studied at The National School for Ancient Languages and Cultures "Saint Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher" and is currently finishing her degree in Political science in Sofia University.Rosi has more than 6 years of experience in technical support and coach certificate in regards of problem solving and decision making issued by Kepner-Tregoe.She enjoys cooking, playing video games and travelling.

Tема на лекцията

Art of troubleshooting and identifying root cause

Why the art of troubleshooting is so important? How to define the root cause of a problem? Which are the most important questions that we have to ask in order to find the right answers? All these questions will be answered and many more will be put on the table by Rositsa Nikolova.