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Peter Popov


Peter Popov

About Peter

Peter managed his first software project in 2001 with a small, cross-functional team delivering business value every week. Since 2009, he has been helping organizations embrace agility. Peter is an Industrial Engineer by trade and a coach by heart, with a deep understanding of software development processes and human complex adaptive systems. For over a decade now, Peter has been coaching individuals, teams and organizations adapt the values, principles and practices of Agile and Lean software development.

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The Heart and Soul of a High-Performing Agile Team

Perhaps the most misunderstood, misused, and undervalued role in any aspiring agile organization is the very role that can make or break the adoption of Agile Software Development in the first place. Whether you call them Scrum Masters, Team Facilitators, Kanban Ninjas, Lean Catalysts, or even Agile Coaches, they are the heart and soul of any high-performing agile team. Peter will talk about some of the most common misconceptions around these roles, and show how to make the most out of them as an individual, a team, and an organization.