Oleg Golubev

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Oleg Golubev


Oleg Golubev

About Oleg

Oleg has 12 years of experience in UX design and 9 of them he’s spent working in the FinTech industry (currently Devexperts). FinTech is a very challenging, yet inspiring field for him because it offers tasks that are cutting edge in terms of technology and design. Oleg has built his career from a UX designer to Design Manager and now he is focused on building better design processes within the company and the design leadership. Since 2013 he is also a co-owner and main contributer of the biggest Russian design-humor community.

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Grow your Value by Delivering better UX

Good companies are always conscious about the effectiveness and quality of UX. In order to grow, you need to understand what UX is and how it affects everything your company does, no matter what your role is. Oleg will give you a 3-step framework to boost your value as an employee by measuring, improving and delivering better UX.