Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

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Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz


Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

About Muhammad

Google Developers Expert in Angular

Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz is a Software Architect, Author of the Angular Cookbook, and a Google Developers Expert in Angular. He loves helping the startup ecosystem and product owners bring their ideas to life. And he loves to teach programming using JavaScript, Angular and Web Technologies on Twitch and YouTube via Live Streams, video tutorials, and articles.

Tема на лекцията

Career Show Tech 2022

How to grow your tech career fast? Don't!

The talk will revolve around the approaches people take to grow fast in their careers. When this becomes the primary goal, people tend to forget what really matters most when it comes to career growth. Some of those things include personal growth, expertise, experience etc.Muhammad will also be sharing how he grew himself in his own career and giving some concrete examples and steps to follow.