Mihai Raneti

Founder & CEO
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Mihai Raneti


Mihai Raneti

About Mihai Raneti

Mihai Raneti is the Founder and CEO of CyberSwarm, a neuromorphic engineering company. He is a strong supporter of innovation, creativity and diversity in tech, he believes in a different approach: “We take neuromorphic engineering to another level, inspired by the rhythmic patterns and elements in nature that are interconnected or overlap”.

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Career Show Tech 2023

Embracing creativity: The key to thriving in a world of automation and machine learning

As technology continues to advance, the impact on people's lives and careers is becoming more apparent.  We will delve into the fascinating world of neuromorphic technology and how it is evolving alongside AI to shape the future. You will gain insights into the benefits and limitations of AI, how it is already being used in various industries, and what the future holds for this rapidly evolving technology. This talk will focus on the importance of courage and creativity in navigating the changing landscape of work and thriving in an era of AI.