Mihaela Georgieva

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Mihaela Georgieva


Mihaela Georgieva

About Mihaela

Mihaela is one of the leading Bulgarian experts in the field of coaching. She has dedicated more than 10 years to studying the psychology of success, behavioral patterns and the prerequisites for successful career choices. Michaela has authored content on topics such as building a thriving work environment, leadership and professional development.

She is part of the Emprove Foundation's mentorship team that supports women on their journey to self-discovery, confidence, empowerment and greater economic independence. As a mentor in several other projects, she guides young people in their educational and professional choices.Mihaela is a speaker at local conferences, podcasts and discussions on leadership, personal development and education.She has been featured in national media. Her strategies have helped thousands of people find the right path in their careers, become better leaders and perform in a more impactful way.

Tема на лекцията

Successful job interview

Join Mihaela's session to find out about all the necessary job interview skills for people with no work experience. Learn how to demonstrate confidence and let go of embarrassment. Hear what questions you can expect and what your attitude should be in order to be successful.