Levent Korkmaz

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Levent Korkmaz


Levent Korkmaz

About Levent

Levent is a 7-time Certified Salesforce CRM Consultant, Architect, Practice Leader and Trainer at Begital. He is also Director of Digital Transformation and Enablement, Mentor for Volunteer Projects at Project Management Institute Bulgaria Chapter and Sofia Admin Group Leader at Salesforce Trailblazer Community. He made a pledge to train/coach and initiate careers of 100 no-code students/learners to become no-code citizen developers this year, and a leading figure in Salesforce and PMI project management community as a Digital Evolution Evangelist, Event Organizer, Speaker, Moderator and Facilitator of Workshops and Hackathons.

Tема на лекцията

No-code revolution: citizen development workshop with Salesforce

In Levent's workshop you will learn about PMI Citizen Developer initiative and Salesforce as a LCNC "rapid app development" platform with a hands-on tutorial on how to build apps and customize/deploy user interfaces for mobile and web in real-time (without coding).