Lennart Schwung

Team Lead Data Analytics
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Lennart Schwung


Lennart Schwung

About Lennart Schwung

As an Analytics Team Lead at the Munich startup Holidu, Lennart enables product owners to  be more data-driven. The main theme in his career is enabling data-driven decision-making. He began with Excel, analysing logistics as an intern, and went on to consult multinational corporations on e2e analytics implementations for several years. He holds a Masters degree in Business Information Management from the Rotterdam School of Management.

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Career Show Tech 2023

A hitchhiker's guide to the data jungle: growth, skills & trends

For Lennart, it is only when he looks back and reflects on his career in Data Analytics, that he can connect the dots. His path was not what he was planning from the beginning. Lennart will talk about the projects and experiences that provided him with the largest leaps forward. He will share what companies look for when they hire Data Analysts, as well as where he believes data skill set trends are headed.