Josipa Majić

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Josipa Majić


Josipa Majić

About Josipa

Co-Founder of RevutoSerial technology entrepreneur with 9+ years of experience building scalable tech ventures; leading product and development teams, selling to and co-developing products with Fortune 100 customers, raising capital from global professional investors. Co-founder at, a subscription management solution.

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Career Show Tech 2022

SEE region as a global tech and crypto powerhouse

The tiny Swiss town of Zug is the perhaps unlikely home to Europe’s “crypto valley”: almost 1,000 crypto startups are based in Switzerland, and half of them are in Zug. But it might now have a contender for the crypto crown.Crypto startups in Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia are attracting investment from some of the world’s most sophisticated investors, like Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger, and Accel - and that is just the beginning. The ecosystem is finally creating its 1st flywheel effects, "Pay Pal" mafias and IPOs. How have the ecosystem developed and where the SEE region is heading will be the topic of Josipa's keynote.