Ivan Goremykin

iOS Software Engineer
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Ivan Goremykin


Ivan Goremykin

Ivan has over a decade of commercial development experience, with a focus on iOS mobile applications. Throughout his career, he has led several high-profile projects, most notably 'Revolut Reader' — a hardware terminal that empowers customers to accept in-person payments — and the 'Tap to Pay' feature for Revolut applications. In addition to his development work, Ivan shares his knowledge by writing articles and delivering talks on metaprogramming and other topics.

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Career Show Expo 2023

Accelerating Revolut cashless payments with Tap to Pay

We invite you to embark on a presentation offering hands-on experience in seamlessly integrating Tap to Pay payments into Revolut iOS apps. Discover how this groundbreaking technology from Apple empowers Revolut users to accept contactless payments without the necessity for external hardware. We will discuss our novel architecture of the Tap to Pay solution, demonstrate the development tools we created for the product, show the progression of our shared code base from Revolut Card Reader to Tap to Pay, and provide insights on designing an architecture that is easy to evolve.