Iskra Bankova

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Iskra Bankova


Iskra Bankova

About Iskra

Iskra Bankova is a certified consultant in career change and career guidance under the international GCDF program. Her practice is based on a portfolio of coaching techniques and methods that build on the skills acquired in her Master's degree in "Occupational and Organizational Psychology."Iskra has 15+ years of experience, eight of which have been in management roles, in corporate HR and recruiting. Her career path includes many years of working in international companies in the telecom and IT sector: Yettel, Paysafe Group, GTT. For the last two years she has held the position of Talent Management Director in Valuety HR consultancy and simultaneously has been delivering training and 1:1 career guidance and career change management consultancy as a Career Change and Development Counsellor (private practice).

Tема на лекцията

How to make a successful career change?

Sometimes we get to a stage where we feel our job satisfaction has decreased or even disappeared completely. Some people settle and stay in roles and companies they don't like. Others start hastily applying and changing position after position, trying to find what type of work suits them. Disappointment, frustration, and a drop in self-esteem are the consequences of these (in)actions.However, choosing a new career direction can be a well-managed and structured process. In career counselling, models are developed to help people choose a new career that is in line with their nature and aspirations. In Iskra's session, you will learn more about the steps and techniques that can guide you successfully through this process.