Hristina Koleva

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Hristina Koleva


Hristina Koleva

About Hristina

Quality Coach

Hristina has built and managed testing teams and integrated testing processes - always from scratch in several companies over her 16 years in software development. She's a bug hunter by heart but now prefers to prevent them rather than catch them. Her passion is process improvement and enabling self-organized teams.Expert in software quality, Hristina's new initiative is running free webinars about software product and process quality. Her current domain is helping software startups set the best workflows and practices that will let them grow fast but safe and continuously deliver high-quality products of high value to their customers.Educated as a software engineer and project manager, she has had the luck to work as a tester in large and complex teams and projects and to learn that cross-team collaboration and open but clear communication interfaces are the keys to efficiency.Hristina believes that the most successful companies operate as one team, regardless of their size.

Tема на лекцията

Tech inclusion, cross-functionality, and how they fuel team performance

How often are people in your company referred to as "technical" and "non-technical"? Do you hold "technical" and "non-technical" meetings? If yes, then that's not a cross-functional team. And you're not efficient. Your team needs all sorts of skills to deliver real customer and business value. Cross-functionality makes teams efficient, and you need all your departments at the table - not in silos.