Federico Navarrete

Software Architect & Delivery Manager
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Federico Navarrete


Federico Navarrete

About Federico Navarrete

Federico Navarrete is an innovator who is creating a better world through technology. He has been in the IT sector for the last 16 years always focusing on the next techs, cloud, and No Code mainly. What's more, he has participated in and led several teams, reaching the finals in multiple innovation contests, including SpaceApps Challenge 2014, Cisco Switch-Up Challenge 2016, and the Citython 2021 Eindhoven Edition. Presently, he works in Spain as a Software Architect and Delivery Manager focused on migrations and modernization to AWS.

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Career Show Tech 2023

No-code and you! The future of software development

Have you ever dreamed of creating a fantastic app? Maybe the next Uber Eats? But sadly, it was just a dream, because you don't really know how to build apps?

It's time to level up your skills and learn how to create your first app with no code. You might be asking yourself if it is possible to create an Android app with no coding skills. If so, join Federico's talk to learn exactly how you can do this. Get ready to become a part of the next IT revolution and become a Citizen Developer!