Denitza Charkova, PhD

Second Language Teaching Specialist
University of Plovdiv
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Denitza Charkova, PhD


Denitza Charkova, PhD

About Denitza Charkova

Denitza Charkova is a specialist in Second Language Teaching. Her professional interests lie in technology-based student-centered teaching. Denitza has co-authored two textbooks for teaching English in Cloud-based environments and has published related research in national and international journals. She believes that education should empower people and help them find their real calling.

Denitza loves the diversity of human cultures and languages. In addition to being a fluent speaker of Bulgarian and English, she has been studying French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Persian. She believes that communication, languages, and diversity make this world a richer and more compassionate place.

Tема на лекцията

Languages 2023

Communication beyond borders: presentation & language skills

Learning a new language can be overwhelming and can sometimes be an arduous experience. Finding a job with a second language for many may even seem impossible for many understandable reasons.

In this talk, Denitza will discuss two major topics: language skills and presentation skills. She will take a look at how they intersect and how you can benefit from mastering these skills. The session includes not only some theoretical aspects of both micro topics but also intertwines personal experience and know-how.