Boris Goncharov

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Boris Goncharov


Boris Goncharov

About Boris

Boris Goncharov is an information security enthusiast and visionary with over 12 years of operations and information security experience. He works as Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at AMATAS where he is focused on envisioning the future of security and defining corporate protection strategies and tactics. He is a regular speaker at leading security events as InfoSec Europe, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, IDC Security Roadshow and others. Boris currently maintains top-level industry certifications including CISSP, ISSMP, CCISO, CCSP, CEH, TOGAF and CHFI.

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Finding Your Way Through The Cybersecurity Careerverse of Madness

You are ready to become the next Cybersecurity superhero, so you start watching tons of how-to Youtube videos. After long exhausting hours, you find (in the comments section) and execute a sacred script that opens the doorway to the Cybersecurity Careerverse. You quickly rush into it, but after facing countless alternate versions of yourself with all the possible carrier paths, certifications, capabilities, and requirements, you realize that this profession exacts a heavy toll, and maybe you need some help to find your way through this Cybersecurity Careerverse of Madness.