Aniela Crisan

VP of Engineering
OLX Group
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Aniela Crisan


Aniela Crisan

About Aniela Crisan

Aniela is a senior engineering leader at OLX, leading the technology for the Motors Customer Unit. She helps scaling up businesses through technology. Aniela focuses on scaling her team while transforming the platform and maintaining operational excellence, with the sole goal of creating products that customers love.

With a passion for software engineering, she enjoys challenging the world and thriving in fast-paced environments, and always knew that she wanted to be a manager. Aniela is dedicated to increasing the representation of women in technology and lеads various initiatives towards that goal. She was born and raised in Romania, and currently resides in sunny Portugal where she enjoys kitesurfing in her free time.

Tема на лекцията

Career Show Tech 2023

Where do women engineers fail in the interview process?

The tech industry is dominated by men. As a female engineering leader, Aniela always wanted to have more women engineers and managers working in her team. But somehow OLX weren’t hiring a lot and the reason was because women were not passing the interviews. They ran a due diligence to find out where women were failing during the interview process. Aniela will share the findings and the measures that can be taken to enable women's success in interviews.