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Angel Gyurov


Angel Gyurov

About Angel

Angel Gyurov has 20+ years of experience in the telecom business in Europe and the Middle East. His career started in a telecom retail store and later moved to Product Development, first as Product Manager, then as Head of Product Development and Chief Product Development Officer now.He is passionate about developing new products or enhancing existing ones, especially with focus on digitalization. During the 20 years in the business, he launched technologies from 3G to 5G, from copper to fibre networks, from feature phones to smartphones, from routers to MESH, from SIM to eSIM and many more.His business motto is: “Digital Experience and Customer First thinking is the key to success”

Tема на лекцията

Business Incubator. How to use Lean methodology in business development

How to use Lean methodology in business development: In today’s business world we hear lots of buzz words – lean, scrum, design thinking, etc. In Angel's session you will learn why it is important not only to speak about them, but to implement them in our daily work and how this will help organizations to improve efficiency and succeed.