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Alexander Krastev


Alexander Krastev

About Alexander

Alexander Krastev is the founder of the first Bulgarian LinkedIn marketing agency BookMark and the largest website dedicated to books and reading in Bulgaria "I Read". He is also a LinkedIn trainer at New Bulgarian University and SoftUni. He has been involved in online communication for over 15 years, and his passion for transferring knowledge to other professionals finds expression in the dozens of corporate trainings and lectures on working with LinkedIn that he gives every year.

Tема на лекцията

A strong career start: LinkedIn comes to the rescue!

Starting out on a career path is difficult for any young person, so it's always a good idea to seek help. A first mentor, a first job, courses and trainings to learn more of the skills we need - LinkedIn can help us find all these things, and Alexander Krastev will tell us exactly how to use the professional network to ensure a strong start to your career. The founder of BookMark, the first Bulgarian LinkedIn marketing agency, will tell you what makes LinkedIn useful for young professionals, how to make our profile attractive enough and how to start creating content that will make you desirable for any team.