About Rosemarie

Rosemarie Wilson is a Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author, Mentor and Founder of Pragmatica Coaching, a coaching, training and consultancy company.

In her role she works 1 to 1 with women, helping them to thrive in what they do or take the next step in their career. She also delivers workshops on Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Imposter Syndrome for organisations who are committed to investing in and retaining talent, whilst supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Rosemarie’s background stems from the corporate world where she spent over 20 years working in FinTech and Change Management for some of the world’s largest Oil & Gas companies. She has just finished her first book, which will be published later in 2021.

What you will learn

Developing Career Confidence to Thrive

Confidence is a state of mind, developing tools and resources to support in building and maintaining a mindset of confidence will enable you to approach your career and any of its challenges with a flexible and open mind. This will allow you to grow, progress and thrive in your career. Join Rosemarie Wilson for this this session where she will share bite-sized approaches to building this type of mindset along with practical action steps you can put into use immediately after the session to develop your career confidence. You will learn: Impact of mindset on your confidence; How communication influences career confidence; How to move beyond your comfort zone; Why action builds confidence; Practical tools to step into confident action.

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