Career Show 2023 👉 The leading career expo for skilled professionals.

Volunteer for one of the
the biggest career events in Bulgaria!

Take a few hours to learn so much! Dive deep into organizing events and be part of something cult! Come to our team for 1 day and have fun! And we share with you only a small part of the things you will take with you after that day.

Career show - volunteers

Cool and useful contacts

You will have the opportunity to meet so many new people that we advise you even to bring business cards. Representatives of companies, participants, celebrities – these are just some of the visitors.

Career show - volunteers

Being part of something meaningful

Think about it – you have the opportunity to be part of something so big, which inevitably affects many people and even destinies. You can be of use to people to find their dream job, inspiration and change destinies.

Career show - volunteers

A lot of new knowledge and skills

You will actively participate in the program depending on the distribution of commitments and thus learn valuable things first-hand.

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