Instructions on using the Career Show platform

Register and create your profile

Find suitable employers and send each a meeting invitation

Browse our events calendar and choose which events to attend

Manage all your meetings and activities in your personal agenda

Never stop advancing!

Register and create your professional profile

  • After you register, you will receive an access link to the platform via email.
  • Create your professional profile in the “My Profile” section.
  • Share a few words about yourself, your professional experience and your career interests.
  • A detailed profile will increase your chance to conduct more meetings.
  • Don’t forget to upload a photo! 🙂

Choose the right employers
and send them a meeting invitation

Navigate to the “Participants” section. Using the available filters, make a selection of the employers that have open opportunities in your area of interest. Afterwards, you can start sending video meeting invitations.

Filter employers by:

  • Industry
  • Job openings
  • Professional experience
  • Seniority level
  • Skills
  • Education requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Working hours options
  • Country
  • City

Instructions on conducting meetings:

  • Send your invitations early, at least a couple of days before the event.
  • Use the chat option to introduce yourself and express your interest.
  • Your meeting is considered confirmed only after the employer accepts the invitation.
  • If you are unable to conduct a meeting for any reason, don’t forget to cancel the invitation as soon as possible!

Check out the upcoming events and choose the ones you’d like to attend

  • Check out the upcoming events for 2022
  • Choose the events you would like to attend, or suit your career goals
  • Add the events you are interested in to your Google calendar
  • Check the companies that will be present at your chosen events

Manage all your activities in one place!

You can manage your meetings from the “My Agenda” section. There you can send, accept and reject meeting invitations. This is also where you start your scheduled video meetings.

In the “My Agenda” section you can select and add program sessions to your calendar. This way all your planned activities, like video meetings and chosen sessions, can be found in one place.

How to start
a video meeting?

  • Go to the “My Agenda” section a few minutes before the start of the scheduled meeting.
  • Find the right meeting and press the “Start meeting” button. The button becomes active 5 minutes prior to the time the meeting is scheduled to begin.
  • Each video meeting is scheduled for 15 minutes. Of course, you are welcome to stay in a meeting longer, if you wish, or end it early.
  • You are essentially attending business meetings. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you join your scheduled appointments on time. Plan well.
  • To achieve maximum results and avoid wasting anyone’s time, make sure you are prepared for each meeting.
  • If you are unable to conduct a meeting for any reason, don’t forget to cancel it in a timely manner!

Important technical information

Domains we use on the platform


See the full list

Make sure you choose the correct time zone!

Please double-check the time zone you’ve chosen when creating your employer profile. Keep in mind that all timings are shown for that time zone.

Use the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Mozilla
  • Safari

All other browsers are NOT supported!

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