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Free Guide to Career Change

10 simple steps spread over 30 days. That's all you need to get ready for your new job. Follow these steps and you'll be better prepared than 90% of applicants!

A step-by-step guide  to career change

What will you find inside?

Preparatory period
Step 1 - Analyse your situation
Step 2 - Remind yourself what you can and want
Step 3 - Think about what would suit you
Step 4 - Create an attractive CV and LinkedIn profile
Step 5 - Take a look at what's on offer
Step 6 - Research the companies
Step 7 - Prepare for the interview 
Step 8 - Meet with employers
Step 9 - Maintain interest
Step 10 - Learn to negotiate a salary
BONUS step - How to adapt to a new job

How to get it?

The handbook is available via the Career Show platform. You can download it as soon as you register and fill in your profile. Free registration will also give you access to meetings with top employers from Bulgaria and abroad and hundreds of recordings of career webinars with leading experts.