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Information for exhibitors

Exhibition area and dimensions

4 sq.m floor space

4 sq. m (2x2 m) area
1 table
2 chairs
3 electrical outlets (total power 1 kW)
Exhibitor badge
Unlimited number of representatives on site

There is space next to and behind each table for an advertising wall/banner stand (up to 2m wide). Maximum height: 2.5 m. Please note that placing advertising walls/banners wider than 2 m is only possible if you have requested an 8 sqm or 12 sqm package.

8 sq. m. floor space

8 sq. m (4x2 m) area
1 table
2 chairs
6 electrical outlets (total power 2 kW)
Exhibitor badge
Unlimited number of representatives on site

Next to and behind each table there is space for placing an advertising wall / banner stand (up to 4 m wide). Maximum height: 3 m.

If you have your own table/chairs/pop-up and do not need the table and/or chairs provided, please notify us by email by September 20, 2023.
Important! The space has specific flooring (carpet type).
Important! The space does not have a specific floor covering (carpeted type). You can provide a platform to ensure a better look of your exhibition space.

Stand placement

The preparation and check-in time for exhibiting companies will be on 09.10.2023 from 12:00 to 15:00. The Career Show team will be waiting for you in Bulgaria Hall of the International Fair Plovdiv - Congress Center. See more details about logistics below.

Important: Please take care when checking in! Applying adhesives is prohibited, as is drilling into items that are part of the hall property. Please do not overload the pallet trucks that will be available for your use!
Important: Please be careful when checking in! It is forbidden to apply adhesives, as well as to drill elements, part of the property of Arena Armeec Hall. Please do not overload the pallet trucks that will be available for your use!

Stand removal

The exhibition area will be open to visitors on 10.10.2023. From 10:00 to 17:00. You can pick up your booth ONLY on 10.10.2023 from 17:00 to 18:30, immediately after the event.

Unloading activity

To unload or load materials that you will need to attend Career Show 2023 - PLOVDIV use "Entrance D" with a barrier on the Blvd. side. "Bulgaria" (next to the Fire Station) and proceed to the Convention Center inside the Fair. See the map here.

Our team will meet you at the Convention Centre to assist and direct you to Bulgaria Hall. After unloading, the vehicle must be removed from the fairgrounds as quickly as possible, unless you have paid for parking - then it must be moved to the appropriate parking space.

Important: Contact person for loading and unloading activities in Sofia Event Center: Georgi Chernogorski
Contact phone: +359 882 444 662

Parking area

On the preparation day (09 Oct) and during the Career Show 2023 - PLOVDIV (10 Oct) you can use the parking lot of the International Fair Plovdiv, the fee for use is BGN 9.

Further information

On the day of the event, please arrive at the specified time for exhibitor check-in to minimize crowding around the registration area (no later than 09:00) - the event opens to applicants from 09:30 to 17:00.
Sanitary facilities are available in the hall.
Smoking in the hall is prohibited – applies both to traditional cigarettes and to alternative electronic devices.
As our partners for the event, we have planned lunch to be served at 12:00 pm in a designated area.
Invite your colleagues and acquaintances to attend the event and support your participation in person.
Don't forget to share your participation on your social media and communication channels.


For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Emil Tomov
+359 884 088 178