SIT Alemira: A working code is worth a thousand words

SIT Alemira: A working code is worth a thousand words

Sergey Aksenov is Engineering Manager in SIT Alemira. He is responsible for several products, including Coding and Virtual Labs, and Active Classroom (their customized video conferencing solution for learning). Candidates meet with him during a technical interview, which includes live coding.

What are the benefits of being part of the SIT Alemira team?

The main benefit for me is being part of the vibrant and super-competent engineering team. Do things only a few companies in the world dare to do. Have a direct involvement with products, hear feedback from the real end users and see how our effort helps them teach and learn.For prospective candidates I also want to highlight some interesting sides of working at Alemira:Develop impressive tech for hybrid learning and education. This segment is rapidly transforming right now and you will have a chance to impact on it and see where it goes in several years. Lots of things are made from scratch, others are reimagined from the bottom up, and you decide what tech to use and how to cast it all in code and hardware.Work and grow in a diverse international tech team, learn from peers, visit meetups and conferences, and even do talks yourself.

Tell us more about the development opportunities you offer.

I want to emphasize that we are an international company and all opportunities are equally available in all our branches. As we are a learning and education company, we are very interested in our team members learning new things and growing professionally and personally. As we are hiring middle/senior grade engineers and plan to expand 3-5 fold in several years, there is an internal urge to gain lots of expertise and pass it further to newcomers. We are interested in the development of managerial traits and can offer promotions to team-leading positions for those who are interested.As we are a multi-product company, there’s also a unique opportunity to switch teams or join internal micro-startups from time to time.

What candidates are you currently looking for?

We are looking for Python, Go, C#, Frontend Developers, ML Engineers, QA Automation Engineers, DevOps, Product Owners, and a Head of Platform Development. We are looking for curious Developers who will be interested in solving complicated tasks.

"We clicked instantly!" Is there anything that immediately grabs you during an interview?

I personally like people who love to code. Let’s just share a screen, fire an IDE, write several lines and run it immediately. Rinse, repeat - and we have a solid proven answer in almost no time. A working code is worth a thousand words.My next favorite trait is curiosity. When a candidate doesn’t know the answer but is truly interested in a theme discussed and starts to make a hypothesis, tries to reconstruct the whole picture from their own experiences and our hints - boy, this is the brain at work.Last but not least is humor. For most of us, it is a way to cope with interview anxiety, but sometimes the conversation becomes truly amusing and effortless, for the great pleasure of everyone involved. I immediately want to hire that candidate just to have more talks like that.

What new things are you working on?

There are two types of exciting possibilities in Alemira. First, we are reimagining casual products to fit them for learning and education. Say, for example, simple videoconferencing software, but tailored for online or hybrid classes: what can be done to make lectures and seminars more interesting? More involving? More spectacular? More collaborative? Imagine the same things about online coding platforms, or quiz/survey software.Another segment is blue ocean innovations. In the beginning, it is pure science. Can we employ machine learning to create a digital life-like avatar of a person, which can speak, gesture, accentuate, and show emotions? This is not science fiction, we already have a demo. Another example: there are tons of “language learning” apps, which are actually games and do not teach anything except maybe vocabulary. Is there a way to truly teach people foreign languages without human intervention, using only algorithms and pre-recorded data? Sounds ambitious, but we are about to try.

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