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I went to Synergyc because I was looking for something different

I went to Synergyc because I was looking for something different

Anthony Lindsey has been in the IT industry for over 20 years, starting from California and he moved to Bulgaria in 2005, to help set up a Service Center for a hosting company. He then joined an enterprise company, DXC, and now he is in Synergyc and is very happy there!

Why did you decide to join Synergyc?

I went to Synergyc because I was looking for something different. I was looking for something smaller, flexible, and adaptable. Being in a large corporation, you’re just bound to standards and cannot really use your professional knowledge to get the client the best solution. With Synergyc we can tailor our approach to what our stakeholders really need. At the same time, most of us come from blue-chip companies and we have the necessary skills and experience that allow us to interact with our clients in a very professional and structured way.

How is a typical day for you in Synergyc?

Right now, it is very busy but exciting. In May, we entered a partnership to build a Pan-European Service Provider with a major Italian Service Provider that has already started to give us access to their existing network, delivering solutions to major logos in Banking, Insurance, and Fashion. 

A lot of my day-to-day focus is on collaborating and working with our partner’s extended Sales and Solutions team while still managing all aspects of Synergyc’s IT portfolio.

Will you be part of the Synergyc crew on October 5th?

Of course! You can meet me there, and I will tell you more about the exciting opportunity we are offering.

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