Pierre-Jean Reissman

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Pierre-Jean Reissman


Pierre-Jean Reissman

About Pierre-Jean

Pierre-Jean leads the Travel Channel Front-Office R&D group. This engineering group is in charge of the development and operations of the cloud based platform providing multiple professional applications including the flagship products: Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and Amadeus Direct. He is engaged with his teams into challenging transformations on agility and technology to deliver a constant stream of value to Amadeus Travel Customers. His current endeavours are building a cloud based, UX first Digital Platform, growing the organization into agility and efficiency as well as deploy deeply AI into inner processes and products. Pierre-Jean joined Amadeus in 2004, with extensive full stack development experience and Architect roles in different businesses and geographies including Telecommunications, Medical research, Nuclear industry, Aeronautics and Microsoft.Technology, Team engagement and Travel innovation driven, he holds a MSc and a PhD. In computer Science.

Tема на лекцията

Digital Transformation

Beyond digitalization which is adapting processes to the advances of technology, digital transformation goes further and aims at reopening and progress on resolving existing or new problems with the help of technology.  For instance, processes are not simply digitized but reconsidered with purpose in mind and possibly simplified or made almost transparent thanks to the new technologies. Digital transformation is still all about solving problems but as well emerging the best possible technical solutions. It applies to all engineering topics: agility, design thinking, information architecture, brainstorming and distributed collaborative working - these are needed to take different thought processes while solving the problems in a shift left - customer centric approach.

Once the new solutions have been designed to remove friction, promote interoperability and maximize ergonomic and efficiency they are efficiently implemented through refinement sprints. It is important to understand that digital transformation should not be triggered by technology – instead it solves problems by defining and providing new approaches to customers with the customers.  Technology is here to answer questions and address problems, so the customer-centric thinking is really the start of the digital transformation to avoid creating the wrong solution right.