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Krum Garkov

EU-LISA (2012-2022)
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Krum Garkov

About Krum

Krum Garkov as Executive Director of the European Agency for the Management of Large Information Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Law (eu-LISA)
in the period from 2012 to November 2022.

Mr. Garkov has more than 15 years of international experience in the public and private sectors, as well as two master's degrees in the field of information technology and an MBA diploma. A purposeful, innovative technology strategist who leads large-scale global operations to optimize IT portfolio management and operational efficiency.

Theme of the lecture

Career Show Tech 2022

eGovernment in Bulgaria – from investments in infrastructure to investments in knowledge and skills

In his session Krum Garkov will briefly review the current state of e-government in Bulgaria and will examine the key elements of the necessary change to achieve effective e-government and what is the role of the IT sector in Bulgaria in achieving it.