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Dimitar Dimitrov

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Dimitar Dimitrov

About Dimitar

Dimitar's education is in the field of software engineering and artificial intelligence, but his professional realization is in various spheres. He started his career as a computer specialist in a testing laboratory at a Bulgarian energy company, where he later headed the production and then sales department.

In 2017, he made a kind of return to the technological context and became part of the Telenor IT team. He started as an IT specialist, followed by the positions of "Senior Specialist", "IT Sourcing Expert", "Team Manager" to reach the Director of Technology Development at Yettel – a position he has held for a year.

His professional interests are in the field of AI, algorithms and augmented reality, and in his spare time he deals with photography, image processing, basketball and tennis.

Theme of the lecture

Career Show Tech 2022

Telco and IT? It's a match!

Dimitar will tell how the telecom industry is attractive to software specialists, how a telecom hires beginners and what avenues for development it reveals to them. Dimitar will also share first-person experience on the steps and stages in climbing the career ladder from expert to manager level.