About Andres

Principal Technical Instructor at MuleSoft

Java Advocate and Software Architect working in the software development community since 2005, dedicated to continuous improvement in areas like security and architecture.

Currently teaching software architecture, best software development practices and cybersecurity at Mulesoft/Salesforce.

What you will learn

Cybersecurity career roadmap: 2022 edition

Cybersecurity in software development is often seen as a distant consideration for many individuals, leaving the door open for bugs, critical security holes and suboptimal solutions. That’s been the trend in the industry for many years; developers focused solely on putting a pile of code that barely works and that hackers were able to exploit easily.

In this talk, you will learn why it is essential for software developers to get started in cybersecurity, what the current trends are in this field, and of course, how to get started quickly so you can add new cybersecurity skills to your toolbelt.

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