19-20 May 2021 | Online

Sergey Punchev

CEO | Creative Director, Studio Punchev

19 May, 9:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

Career opportunities in the Gaming industry

DevelopmentGame industry

Dimitar Mihaylov

Founder, BB-Team

19 May, 10:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

How to be successful at work without having to sacrifice your physical and mental health?

Work-Life BalanceHappinessWellness

Simeon Kisyov

Scrum Master, Epam

19 May, 10:30 | 30 min | Bulgarian

What does a typical working day look like for an Agile coach/Scrum master


Svetoslava Stoyanova

Career and Growth Coach, New Mindset Coaching & Training

19 May, 11:00 | 45 min | Bulgarian

What do you want to be(come) when you grow up?

Work-Life BalanceHappiness

Angel Gyurov

Chief Product Development Officer, Neterra

19 May, 11:30 | 30 min | English

Business Incubator. How to use Lean methodology in business development

How to use Lean methodology in business development: In today’s business world we hear lots of buzz words – lean, scrum, design thinking, etc. In Angel’s session you will learn why it is important not only to speak about them, but to implement them in our daily work and how this will help organizations to improve efficiency and succeed.

Business Development

Yasen Yankov

VP of Engineering & Product, Trading, Nexo

19 May, 12:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

Crypto: Changing the world through revolutionary products and dynamic innovation


Krasimir Kostadinov

Chief Technology Officer, Scalefocus

19 May, 13:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

The future of the Software Industry

DevelopmentSoftware Engineering

Angelique Vu

Software Engineer, Financial Times

19 May, 14:00 | 30 min | English

A different type of ‘T’

Being ‘T’ shaped has been around for many years now and it’s recognized as an advantage for a person or a team. It means being good at lots of things, and expert at a few things. In her session Angelique will give you insight on how to get started in the technology sector, and the importance of diversifying your skills to make you an even more valuable team member.


Peter Popov

Founder, Organizational Agility Coach and Trainer, AgilistIQ

19 May, 15:00 | 30 min | English

The heart and soul of a high-performing Agile Team

Perhaps the most misunderstood, misused, and undervalued role in any aspiring agile organization is the very role that can make or break the adoption of Agile Software Development in the first place. Whether you call them Scrum Masters, Team Facilitators, Kanban Ninjas, Lean Catalysts, or even Agile Coaches, they are the heart and soul of any high-performing agile team. Peter will talk about some of the most common misconceptions around these roles, and show how to make the most out of them as an individual, a team, and an organization.


Pierre-Jean Reissman

Development Director, Amadeus

19 May, 16:00 | 30 min | English

Digital Transformation

Beyond digitalization which is adapting processes to the advances of technology, digital transformation goes further and aims at reopening and progress on resolving existing or new problems with the help of technology. Digital transformation is still all about solving problems but as well emerging the best possible technical solutions. It is important to understand that digital transformation should not be triggered by technology – instead it solves problems by defining and providing new approaches to customers with the customers. Join Pierre-Jean’s session to dive deep into the world of digital transformation.

DevelopmentDigital Transformation

Otavio Goncalves de Santana

Staff Engineer, Xgeeks

19 May, 16:30 | 30 min | English

Five important IT points you need to know in a Software Engineer’s view

As the IT industry grows, the number of options grow exponentially. With so many options available, how do you decide which to follow? Otavio and Karina Varela – Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat – will talk about five points to work on and specialize in within the area of software engineering, all from the perspective of a seasoned open-source engineer.

DevelopmentOpen Source

Ivaylo Aleksandrov

Senior Back-end Developer, Takeaway.com

19 May, 17:00 | 30 min | English

Breaking free from the monolith weight: super-scaling your business

How is your monolith application holding back your growth? In their session Ivaylo and Georgi will share more about splitting your monolith to microservices and making them independent of each other using event-driven architecture and SAGA pattern.


Minko Gechev

Software engineer at Google 
International speaker

19 May, 18:00 | 30 min | English

Changing the World with Open Source Software

Building open source projects you’re sharing your work for free with everyone in the world. This controversial activity, however, can change millions of lives while helping us gain expertise and visibility. In this talk, we’ll look into how we can change the world, and ourselves via open source software.

DevelopmentOpen Source

Nikolay Dimitrov

Technical Director, Gameloft Sofia

20 May, 9:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

Profession: Game Developer

DevelopmentGame Development

Iliyan Dimitrov

Digital Transformation Manager, A1

20 May, 10:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

Digital Transformation: a Clash of Worlds

DevelopmentDigital Transformation

Sergi Sergiev

Co-founder, Data Science Society; ShopUp

20 May, 11:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

How to use Data Science and AI in e-commerce

DevelopmentData ScienceAI

Denitsa Andonova

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, How Thrive

20 May, 12:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

How to improve your mental fitness and boost energy and productivity?

DevelopmentProductivityWork-Life BalanceHappiness

Radoslav Stankov

Head of engineering, Product Hunt

20 May, 13:00 | 30 min | English

How to be an effective developer

What are the aspects of productivity? What does it mean to be productive for a developer and how is development productivity and efficiency measured? Radoslav will answer these questions and share invaluable experience and tips on how to increase productivity.


Levent Korkmaz

Mentor for Bulgarian PM Awards 2021, PMI Bulgaria Chapter 

20 May, 14:00 | 60 min | English

No-code revolution: citizen development workshop with Salesforce

In Levent’s workshop you will learn about PMI Citizen Developer initiative and Salesforce as a LCNC “rapid app development” platform with a hands-on tutorial on how to build apps and customize/deploy user interfaces for mobile and web in real-time (without coding).

DevelopmentCitizen DevelopmentSalesforce

Ines Vodanovic

Director Bulgaria, Croatia, Austrian Business Agency

20 May, 15:00 | 30 min | English

Tips and tricks for your career start in Austria

ABA – Austrian Business Agency is a state-owned agency which reports directly to the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs. If you are interested in Austria as a best place to live, study and work, join Ineses session to get a short input on how to prepare yourself to enter the labour market in Austria by preparing a CV, motivation letter and yourself for an interview.


Stoyan Frantzov

CTO, Credissimo 

20 May, 15:30 | 30 min | Bulgarian

Technologies and Innovations – the Key to Success


Leon Anavi

Software Engineer, Konsulko Group

20 May, 16:00 | 30 min | Bulgarian

Making a career in the high-tech sector through Open Source

DevelopmentOpen Source

Oleg Golubev

Design Team Lead, Devexperts

20 May, 16:30 | 30 min | English

Grow your value by delivering better UX

Good companies are always conscious about the effectiveness and quality of UX. In order to grow, you need to understand what UX is and how it affects everything your company does, no matter what your role is. Oleg will give you a 3-step framework to boost your value as an employee by measuring, improving and delivering better UX.

DevelopmentUX/UI Design

Maxim Salnikov

Azure Developer Technical Lead, Microsoft

20 May, 17:00 | 30 min | English

Diving deep, deep offline – the web can do it!

The idea of connection-independent applications is being embraced by more and more large and small projects that are now making the offline-ready behavior a best practice, good manner of the web. In his session, based on the deep exploration of Service Worker API possibilities and gathered UX gotchas, Maxim will go through the history of the offline web, the importance of treating the network as an enhancement, current challenges (and their solutions) and proper tooling.


Alaina Percival

CEO, Women Who Code | Forbes Contributor she/her

20 May, 17:30 | 30 min | English

Level Up as a Community

Alaina Percival is CEO and co-founder of Women Who Code. Under Alaina’s leadership, the organization has grown to serve 250,000 members in 122 countries. Join her session for a discussion about investing in yourself and connecting with a community that enables you to thrive while bringing others with you.


Heather Black

Award Winning Global Coach & Trainer for CRM Professionals, Champion for Equality & Tech for Good

20 May, 19:00 | 30 min | English

Coaching yourself to success

Coaching is a powerful toolkit to empower yourself and others. Join this session to learn a couple of coaching tools that you can use to empower yourself as a woman in tech and also your clients when managing technical transformation projects.


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