Bulgaria is the coolest place to start a business or build a successful career

We’re not just saying this, there’s data to prove it…

Bulgaria is the coolest place to start a business or build a successful career

We’re not just saying this, there’s data to prove it!

Why in Bulgaria?

When it comes to your professional growth, “Bulgaria is beautiful” is not enough, so how about “Bulgaria has loads of excellent career opportunities”.

You don’t believe us?

Here are some facts to back that up…

Perfect business climate

The Bulgarian business climate has improved drastically (BIA survey data, 2017), which is also obvious by the many open job positions currently available.

Low unemployment

Only 5,7% of the people in Bulgaria are unemployed (according to NSI data, 2018) – pretty low compared to many other European countries.

High demand

Nearly 70% of the businesses in the country lack the qualified talent they need (ManpowerGroup survey, 2018), which leads to increased wages in many fields.

Unoccupied niches

The old cliché, but true nevertheless – still plenty of business niches in Bulgaria, which presents great opportunities for start-ups and interesting work positions.

Increasing outsourcing

The outsourcing industry in Bulgaria is developing at a fast pace, due to the good local economic conditions and capable workforce. This lets people gain invaluable work experience with big international firms and often enables them to practice their foreign language skills.

And there’s more

Many young people are leading by example and developing their business ideas successfully in Bulgaria. At the same time, many are returning from abroad and succeed in making their dreams become reality here.

And yes, Bulgaria is quite beautiful…

Companies are looking for talent and this is a great opportunity for you

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